Didier Stevens Labs

Founded by Didier Stevens

YouTube Video Promo

If you buy one of my products, you get to download the original MP4 files I uploaded to my free YouTube channel.

More details here.

2015 Training

In 2015, I'm providing my PDF and Wireshark trainings. And a new training covering malicious documents.

Confirmed trainings:

* Hack In The Box 2015 Amsterdam: Hacking PDFs for Ninjas.

* Brucon 2015 Ghent: Wireshark WiFi and Lua-Packet Class.

Hacking PDFs for Ninjas

Learn how to analyze malicious PDF documents and create interesting PDF documents for fun and profit at Hack In The Box 2015 Amsterdam.

Training updated with new versions of my tools:

  1. pdfid with plugins
  2. pdf-parser with YARA rules
  3. pdf-parser with PDF Python program generation 

Wireshark WiFi and Lua - Packet Class

Learn using and programming Wireshark with a focus on WiFi at Brucon 2015 Ghent.

You will receive your complementary AirPcap adapter for Windows when you attend this training. The AirPcap adapter allows you to sniff WiFi traffic on Windows machines. You can keep this AirPcap adapter after the training.

Let's Start

I founded Didier Stevens Labs in August 2012 to expand and fund my research.

Didier Stevens Labs provides training, development and research services with a focus on technical IT security.

I maintain a blog with original content: http://blog.DidierStevens.com