Didier Stevens Labs

Founded by Didier Stevens

2016 Training

In 2016, I plan to provide 2 new trainings: analysis of malicious documents (PDF and Office documents) and "Attacking With Excel": Excel/VBA for penetration testers.

Confirmed trainings:

BruCON Training 2016: "Attacking with Excel".

New workshop videos: Malicious Office Documents Part 1

I created a new workshop and produced videos: teaching you how to analyze malicious office documents (part 1)

More details here.

And I'm working on the next workshops already: analyzing office documents that do not leverage VBA, and researching the possibility to produce workshop videos where we analyze real, "in-the-wild" malware.

YouTube Video Promo

If you buy one of my products, you get to download the original MP4 files I uploaded to my free YouTube channel.

More details here.

Let's Start

I founded Didier Stevens Labs in August 2012 to expand and fund my research.

Didier Stevens Labs provides training, development and research services with a focus on technical IT security.

I maintain a blog with original content: http://blog.DidierStevens.com